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Fence Cleaning & Wood Restoration Services That Will Completely Restore The Look of Your Fence!


At Hog Wild Pressure Washing, our team of professionals provides a soft washing cleaning service for your wood or composite fencing. Mildew, algae, grime, and time can all take their toll on any fence material. As time passes, your fence will start to show its age due to grime and dirt.

Proper and regular cleaning will help to restore any fence and preserve the material. Just like any other surface around your home, all fencing materials will need to be cleaned at some point.

With our fence cleaning services, we can restore the beauty of the fencing materials, regardless of what was used. Thanks to our soft wash know-how, you can count on us to restore the look of your fencing material to like-new, with no damage along the way.

Clean, Treat and Prevent Algae

Have you noticed a green tint on your fence? If so, this is algae.

Algae isn’t uncommon, and it isn’t that difficult to get rid of. We can also provide solutions that will help keep it from coming back.

Mildew, mold, lichen, moss, and algae are all common issues for vinyl and wood fences. If the conditions are right, algae may spread from your fence to other surfaces. The last thing you want is green coloring to every element of your property.

Rather than using harsh chemicals and a high-pressure power washer, our team will use a safe soft washing technique that prevents damage to the fencing material you have in place.

Why Choose Us for Fence Cleaning Solutions

If you need fence cleaning services, you can count on us to deliver the services and solutions you are looking for. Our team has years of experience and can handle any job, regardless of how long it has been since your fence has been cleaned.

We use safe and effective processes that get rid of any discoloration that may be present. Even better, our methods don’t cause damage, which is a bonus of calling us for fence washing services.

Do you want to learn more about our fence cleaning solutions? If so, contact us today. We offer solutions for all types of materials and will quickly and easily restore them to like new. Schedule your free evaluation and estimate today. We are standing by and ready to help with your fence cleaning needs.


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